Much and many grammar

Mind countable and uncountable nouns. To know when an expression with much or many needs an additional preposition of

    مقارنه بين هواوي gt3 و هواوي gr5
  1. Many It is used with countable nouns
  2. There weren’t many students in the class
  3. How many of you are going to be there? 10
  4. _____ c
  5. Exercise on much and many 5
  6. Example Sentences Mary has many cats
  7. Exercise 1
  8. Quantifiers - worksheets
  9. , oranges, children)
  10. Correct All Grammatical Mistakes and Enhance Your Writing
  11. Only $3
  12. How much, many, some any
  13. The words much and many mean a lot of
  14. Man: It’s OK, we have some cooking spray
  15. A countable noun refers to something that can be counted
  16. ¹ so many (not used in this context)
  17. Subject Exercises: Much vs Many Exercise 1 / 2 / 3